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Tonight again I put myself out there and went to an event alone.

Tonight again I put myself out there and went to an event alone. I'd met this young lady at a meetup and she invited me to her showcase. Shakia Awesomeness! I was really inspired by her songs and her songwriting. The other artist that performed was great also. Naja Theartist. I admire the tenacity that it takes to pursue your dreams and actually arrange a showing like that. I also realized that I like the rawness of indie music. It's so honest. The artist is not yet commercial and therefore is free to be real. I was inspired by two of Shakia ' s songs. The last one in particular. She sings with a friend about being beautiful just as you are. This got me thinking about myself.

I am just seeing who I am. I am just learning who I am. This is the real me. Wow! In my 4th decade, I am finally giving myself the freedom to be me. I loved the rawness of acoustic music and how the artists put themselves put there. So honest, so open. To do that you must let go. Something I'm going into. Letting go. Of what? Of fear of someone's reaction.

Like I have a friend who winces when she hears or reads profanity. She's like can't you choose another word? My reply is maybe. But depending on what I'm trying to say...i may need that word. You can choose not to read or listen. We all have freedoms. Instead of using your freedom to control mine, use it to read/ listen to something else. This is where I am. Meet me there or see me later.


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