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Intro to me.
Facts about MLuV and the color PURPLE:

Intro to me.
Facts about MLuV and the color PURPLE:

PURPLE is a range of hues of colors between red and blue.
The color PURPLE is rare in nature.
PURPLE is also the most powerful visible wavelength in the rainbow. Just a few steps away from x rays and gamma rays.
PURPLE symbolizes nobility and royalty to most people.
The average persons reaction to PURPLE is either love it or hate it.

What Does all of that have to do with me, MLuV? So many similarities. Like the color purple, I too am a compilation of many strong, phenomenal people. Quiet unassuming people, that you wouldn't know were awesome until you get to know them and they let you see it. I love it. Most look at me and see what I want them to see. I'm selective about whom I allow to see me. They must be worthy.

I too am rare. All humans are unique. But i am rare. You will rarely meet someone as complex yet simple as me. The depth of me astounding yet oh so worth it for those who stick around.

The force behind my love will overwhelm most. I actually warn people against loving me or me loving them because it's very powerful. I used to hate that about me because of the pain involved. But no more. I give up. It is what it is.

My vibe is strong like the wavelength of purple.

You will know when you have my attention. You will know when you don't as well.

As far as the nobility attached to purple, that fits me as well. I may not have the posture of a queen or the blue bloodline to solidify my spot o the throne, but I am a warrior queen. It comes thru at the oddest of times. I notice it during difficult, stressful times. I may break and show weakness and but that's on the outside. Even as I am breaking down, my mind is preparing to fight.

It really sucks too because, sometimes I want to give up. Just say FREAK IT!! BUT DAMITT IT I CAN'T! Something won't let me.

So the fight to do whatever is needed is on.

Stay tuned for more.


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